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Community Support

Small Group Activities - whats the right support for you?

Our experienced community support team provides a range of services that are tailored to meet your preferences. Together, we co-design a personalised service plan to support your choices, achieve your goals and explore your community.

Our Community Participation services and programs include;

  • Individual Support to travel and attend community activities and events
  • Group Workshop Weekends – Special Interest – Art, Music, Sport, Cooking
  • Group Getaways to local events and attractions
We are a registered NDIS provider of the community support services.  

We specialise in 24 hour and multi-day community support programs for individual and group experiences. Our unique range of services are designed to support social well being and provide new opportunities to develop confidence, skills and independence.

Personal Assistance

Community Support

Our team can provide private personal assistance with all daily activities  including eating, meal preparation, personal hygiene and continence management. 

Mobility Support

Individual Support

We provide mobility support for to assist with accessible activities and provide staff competent in the use of a range of patient lifting hoists, wheeled commodes, electric chairs and other mobility equipment. 


Assisted Travel

Our experienced staff can provide specific communication support for guests with speech, hearing and visual impairments using a range of preferred techniques, Auslan, key word sign, sighted guide, devices and aids.

Social Support

Community Support

Our support team assist you to encounter the community, try new things, learn new skills and experience new places. 

Medication Support

Community Support

Qualified staff can provide assistance with Webster packed or unit dose medications, eye drops, creams, inhalers, CPAP, diabetes support, nutrition management or modified diets as required.


Community Support

Our team want you to experience  fun, relaxed and stress free activities. Our friendly staff offer social support, guidance, companionship and reassurance to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.

Independent (1:4)

Independent (1:4)

One guest service staff to four guests. These services are best suited for low level support with daily living, safety, communication and social behaviours. Service costs are subject to minimum tour numbers.

Assistance (1:2)

Assistance (1:2)

One guest service staff to two guests. These services are best suited for moderate support and assistance with daily living, personal care, reduced mobility, safety, communication and / or social behaviours.

Assistance (1:1)

Assistance (1:1)

One guest service staff to one guest. These services are best suited for guests requiring high level assistance with most / all daily living tasks, mobility, personal safety, communication and / or social behaviours. 

NDIS Funded Services

Social Solutions is a registered provider of the following NDIS services: 

  • Assistance with Personal Activities
  • Group / Centre Activities
  • Development-Life Skills
  • Daily Tasks / Shared Living
  • Community Participation
  • Innovative Community Participation

Service prices are determined by the NDIS Price Guide 2019-20 (Effective March 2020) You can download a copy here: Price Guide

DSC (WA) Services

Social Solutions WA is registered to provide the following WA Support Clusters:

Cluster 2: Daily living: Independence; personal care and support
Cluster 4: Wellbeing: Recreation, education and employment


Service Prices are determined by the Support Clusters and Price Framework for Disability Services / Department of Communities (WA) – Perth Metro Price Guide Framework